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Meet: Stephen Carrey-Chan

What I professionally
I work in software development, leading and managing the product management team at an Austin-based commercial real estate investing company called CrowdStreet. My department is ultimately responsible for determining which customer problems to solve through technology and digital experiences, in an effort to grow the business. How we get there becomes the art of the craft that keeps me hooked.

About me
As a true curious Gemini rising, I’m not good at doing just one thing. I’ve been doing product management for over 10 years, but have in parallel cultivated my artistic life as a playwright and former choreographer/dance teacher in Boston and Brooklyn. When not stuck in the Zoom vortex, I escape into nature with my husband.

Playwriting & storytelling
Water (waterfalls, rivers, oceans, Poland Spring…)
Nature hikes
Video games
Non-fiction books
Natural wine
Chinese Szechuan cuisine (omg)

Fun fact
As a youth, I hated crying and was scared of and actively avoided movies that people claimed would make them cry. As a casualty, I still have never seen Leo and Kate in Titanic to this day…

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