Our Story

In 2014, my husband Don and I found this 100 year old, industrial building in Uptown Kingston. It’s since changed my life. And, I think it has the potential to change yours, too. Uptown Kingston is also my home—where I live, work and play—and I love to see our neighborhood thriving with the energy of people like you.

At CoWork Kingston, we are a group of creative, entrepreneurial and remote professionals—serious, industrious, successful, adventurous, curious and fun. The community we are creating is special. And its growth is spurring the momentum of the city I love.

I believe in Kingston. Its people, businesses, and possibility. I am committed to you, to the area, and to building meaningful connections both inside and outside of work. Network, schmooze, kibitz, synergize, hobnob, mingle, rub elbows… The spark that ignites when people get together and do great things—it happens here!

CoWork is a space where serious work gets done. It’s a calm, quiet, comfortable environment where you can set up your own space and do your best work.

For all the ways you work, there’s CoWork!
OK, Kingston?

Judy & Don Tallerman, “Mom & Pop”

Our Team.

Judy Tallerman

Judy Tallerman


I can not believe where I live – the Hudson Valley is just a magical place. I Kingston and I can talk about it all day long! After moving here 9 years ago, I have not looked back. Connecting people to the great things to do in the Hudson Valley gives me joy – want to know where to hike, take your dog, get the best ice cream- just ask.

Melanie Cozzolino

Melanie Cozzolino


I was born in the Hudson Valley and currently live in New Paltz. I love cats (Team April), the arts, maker fairs, scenic walks, and I continue to be in awe of the continuously evolving creative and small business scene of the Hudson Valley.

April Tiberio

April Ost


I was born in the Hudson Valley. The more cats, the better (sorry, Bogie). I love cruises – anywhere that it’s warm! I’m a people person and I love what I do!




I’m a happy-go-lucky type. Love chasing squirrels, rabbits and cats (sorry, April). Woof.